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Five Thieves of Happiness: Interview With John Izzo

January 20, 2017

“All suffering is the resistance to what is.”

John Izzo is truly a modern day prophet. Author of six best-selling leadership books, John, gives listeners a candid window into his new book while sharing parallels between the five thieves of happiness and his personal journey.

In this book, Izzo distills thousands of years of learning across multiple religious and philosophical traditions into a clear and compelling guide for each of us.

Happiness is our natural state, John argues. Only our own distorted habits of thinking and believing that get in it’s way. Join John and Nate for 45 minutes that will give you new perspectives and tools to live a more fulfilled, meaningful, and HAPPY life! In this podcast, you will discover answers to these questions:

  • What are these thieves? How do they steal our happiness?
  • How do we recognize the thieves and kick them out of our house?
  • Where do we see these thieves in our culture and how should we respond?
  • How do the thieves apply in our current political climate?
  • Which thief helps us understand the “self-esteem generation?”
  • Is the goal of life to be happy all the time? What about negative emotions?
  • How have John’s discoveries shaped his personal journey?

Get The Five Thieves of Happiness at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other booksellers. Visit his website, http://drjohnizzo.com/

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