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Turning Social Media Drama Into Positive Energy: With Tim Fargo

December 12, 2016

“You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” - Tim Fargo

Tim Fargo is an entrepreneur, 2X Inc. 500 winner, international speaker, best-selling author, and president and CEO of Social Jukebox, a social media content management system. Tim wrote the Amazon best selling book, Alphabet Success, which distills the business and leadership lessons he’s learned through his journey of building and leading several highly successful companies.

Hear Tim’s wisdom on how to stay positive with social media. The first half focuses around healthy personal habits with social media. The second half focuses more on strategic use of social media. If you use SM for your business, there are some great tips in here! Learn about Social Jukebox, a terrific tool for being strategic in your social media activity.

Other nuggets from this podcast:

  • What’s the value of being strategic?
  • Who do you want to be online?
  • The role of social media in politics
  • Analysis of how Donald Trump is using of Twitter
  • When is it time to disengage?
  • From echo chamber to SM strategy

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