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The Power of Vulnerability with Dov Baron

February 4, 2017

International speaker, author and leadership expert, Dov Baron, shares his candid perspective on the power of vulnerability to build trust and catalyze great leadership. Dov’s purpose is to facilitate the purpose of others so that they can lead deeply fulfilling and successful lives. Listen to this riveting interview where we cover these and many more powerful lessons:

  • How did a mountain climbing accident invite Dov to face his own vulnerability in an unexpected way?
  • How does vulnerability build trust and why it is essential to leadership?
  • Why is adaptability be the enemy of vulnerability?
  • What is abundance and how can you achieve it?
  • Why is emotional safety the precursor for accountability?
  • How is leader vulnerability related to employee engagement?
  • Should you judge people based on behavior, or intent? Why?
  • What is the difference between empathy and compassion?
  • Why was Nelson Mandela both a hero and an antihero?
  • Four strategies for being a more trusting and trustworthy leader

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