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From Mind-Full to Mindful Leadership with Steven Howard

December 3, 2018

Are you a leader struggling to do your best work in a stressful world?

In what situations and in what interpersonal interactions do you regularly find your emotions and your reactions working against you and against your best interest?

Steven Howard, award-winning author of 20 leadership, marketing, and management books, joins me to share about his new book, Better Thinking, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes: How To Go from Mind-Full to Mindful leadership. 

This book bridges the knowledge gap between neuroscience and mindfulness with special attention for leaders.

In this podcast get answers to:

  • Why is dementia becoming a societal issue?
  • How does a mind-full brain impact decision making and leadership?
  • What are six tips for reducing the harmful impact of stress on your life so you can go from being a First-Reactors to a First-Responder?
  • What are common myths about the brain?
  • How drunk do you drive when you are sleep deprived?
  • When does the brain start to deteriorate and how can we reverse the damage?
  • And much more!

Buy the book and learn more about Mindful Leadership Courses and Certification.

Email Steven: steven@calienteleadership.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenbhoward/ 

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