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Compassionate Accountability and Community Policing: Chief Gordon Ramsay

February 21, 2017

Gordon Ramsay is a unique individual who breaks the traditional mold for law enforcement. One of the youngest police chiefs in the nation, Chief Ramsay has gotten national media attention and even received an invitation to the White House by former President Obama for his innovative and inspiring response to the black lives matter movement and protests in Wichita, KS. Gordon believes that transparency is key to great relationships, and the best solutions come when we struggle with people instead of against them. He is no stranger to conflict, and has a passion for community policing that transforms the role of law enforcement as an agent of positive change.

In this candid conversation, hear Chief Ramsay discuss; 

  • The proactive steps he took to build trust before conflict happened.
  • How he facilitated compassionate accountability during the Black Lives Matter protests.
  • His philosophy about openness in policing and leadership.
  • How openness leads to trust.
  • Keys to increase trust in police in communities of color and lower income communities.
  • What positive policing principles apply to leadership?
  • What is Gordon most proud of during his service for the Wichita Police Department?

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