Better Meetings with Compassionate Accountability

June 16, 2016

Drama-based meetings are stressful and unproductive. Learn the signs, symptoms and solutions to turn that drama into productive contribution. Join Dr. Regier as he outlines the common features of drama-based meetings, and shows how to apply Next Element's Compassion Cycle to improve the impact and experience of meetings.


Leading Out of Drama

June 9, 2016

What does it mean to lead out of drama? Hear Dr. Regier talk about the nature of conflict, how drama happens, and how everyone of us can make a choice to lead out of drama into compassionate accountability. What does drama cost organizations and individuals, and how can LOD concepts be put to work to make a difference in your life? Find answers to these questions and many more in this podcast episode.


Conflict Without Casualties Book Interview with Author, Nate Regier

April 28, 2016

Nate Regier shares why he wrote the book, his relationship with the authors who have endorsed it, what's unique about this book within the leadership field, and how it relates to Next Element's Leading Out of Drama training and coaching system. 


Making Better Apologies

April 7, 2016

Why do so many apologies fall flat? What makes a great apology. Using personal, real-life examples Dr. Regier outlines a four-step process for making great apologies that balance compassion with accountability.


What is Compassionate Accountability?

February 29, 2016

In this interview with Dr. Nate Regier, CEO and Co-Founding owner of Next Element Consulting, he discusses the concept of Compassionate Accountability and how it can be used to improve relationships at work and home. Learn the difference between negative conflict (Drama) and positive conflict (Compassion), discover how positive conflict can be used to create amazing outcomes, and hear powerful case examples of these concepts in action.

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